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Friday 11 December, 2020 | RSS Feed

Men who smoke are decisive

Those men who are busy with social intercourse don't like smoking so much, but they need to identify, integrate and reduce estrangement in making friends with people. Undoubtedly, smoking a cigarette together is a good way to solve this demand. Similarly, if several people are ready to become partners, "have a meal together" is the best way to verify. We will find that most of the men who smoke around are positive and enterprising. They are the soul of social circles. They have strong executive ability, dare to face problems and act decisively. Like smoking, is a manifestation of true temperament, imagine if a person always keep restraint, life is like wearing a mask, how boring. Most people make friends, will still choose those who have some small shortcomings, but the true temperament, far away from those who are as light as water "perfect person". Although men who smoke have various advantages, we should smoke moderately and moderately, pay attention to scientific methods and pay attention to diet and health care. Smoking is good for our health. At the same time, we should pay attention to civilized smoking, especially in front of women and children, and strive to be "virtuous" smokers. Men who smoke are generally talkative. They have a more open mind and accept people's mentality. Compared with those who defend themselves everywhere, men who love smoking are more likely to become friends. Talk about celebrities who smoke. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, cigarettes never leave his hand. His famous picture of roaring at the camera is holding a cigar in his hand. Some people joked that he defeated the Germans with cigars in World War II. Hemingway of the United States, the recognized tough man in the world, loves the bullfight in Spain, the lion in Africa, and the golden horse in the battlefield. In his later years, he loved Cuba's beaches and cigars and wrote the immortal masterpiece the old man and the sea. This is also true in China. Ji Xiaolan, a Qing Dynasty smoker, was known as Ji Da Yanbao. He was a quick shooter. He compiled a vast volume of Siku Quanshu, which left us priceless treasure. We can't do without a cigarette bag. On behalf of Deng Xiaoping's acceptance of cigarettes, he was immediately advised to smoke less.

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