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On the concept of development

"Five development concepts" have been established in the 13th five year plan. We tobacco and tobacco people must actively undertake the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", actively and conscientiously follow the core requirements and connotation of the "five development concepts", do not avoid contradictions and problems, directly solve problems, work hard, and focus on the guidance of the elements of the "five development concepts" that must be in work and action. Every day, every month, every year, never relax, never look back, concentrate on development, concentrate on new ideas. In all aspects of tobacco work, we should implement and implement the "five development concepts", and achieve the "five development concepts" in the process of tobacco work with the courage to strive for the good and the sun. China story, China story, at this stage, should be highlighted and concentrated in the "five development concepts". The development should not be shaken, the concept should not be shaken, and the consistency of work and action should be realized to present the most beautiful case for tobacco to tell the Chinese story well. In order to tell a good "Chinese story", the core of tobacco is to have a good story, to have tobacco flavor, to have sinicization, and to strive to achieve a leap forward in the global thinking system. It is not easy for tobacco to tell a good Chinese story. This task is very arduous, but the confidence and determination of tobacco and tobacco people cannot be wavered. We have set out, we are already on the road, and will always be on the road. We will make good use of our tobacco thoughts and thinking, carefully weave, vivid and unique, and show a "good story of China" of tobacco.Nowadays, the development of global economy is inseparable from the Internet and the real existence of the world. Any step of development needs to be developed and elaborated under the influence of globalization thinking and globalization. If we look at the world, we can't gobble it up, let alone rigidly. Only by connecting China, tobacco and the world organically and forming a complete story chain, we will suddenly find that the "going out" of tobacco is also a good "Chinese story". We cannot do without globalization. Globalization needs the voice of Chinese tobacco. One belt, one Road Silk Road Economic Belt and the "China Cloud" interconnected China's general story of "China", will be able to bring about new opportunities and space for development of tobacco. Some people say that China's tobacco industry has done well enough and needs to be globalized. This is the typical thinking of "little prosperity means peace" in the general sense. Go out bravely, we tobacco have confidence and courage. Back to the land of China, what worries and fears! In every step of the way of globalization, we should fully integrate the goal and path of globalization of tobacco, and cherish it.