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Smoking man

In fact, men do not know that smoking is not good, and they do not know that it will cause harm to the people around them. Many men will come to the bathroom or outside the house silently when they want to smoke, so as not to do harm to the people around them. But do you know why more and more men choose to smoke? Why do they always do nothing to persuade them to quit smoking? It's not that they ignore your words, but that they have stories you don't know. Now let's take a look at what causes men to smoke. 1. To be handsome. Teenagers who started smoking before the age of 20 usually smoke for the sake of being handsome and cool. Because they were all in school at that time, there was no pressure at all. In order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, ignorant teenagers often learn from the mature uncle on the Internet. Generally, the standard configuration of mature uncles is the faint smell of tobacco on their hands, which is the reason why teenagers follow the trend of smoking. 2. Because of confusion. Most men before 30 years old smoke because they have just stepped into society and suddenly find that most of the things they learn in school are useless. What they need to come to society is relationship and alcohol consumption. When they find that they have nothing, they don't know what to do. At this time, they begin to choose a way of recreation because of confusion. Smoking is one of the simple and affordable ways. 3. Because of the pressure. Before the age of 40, most men smoke because of pressure. At this time, most men have already established a family and business. The pressure comes from family or work. For work reasons, some can talk to their families, some can't, but for family reasons, men can't tell others. It is because of this that they choose to smoke. Smoking is no longer a pastime, but a kind of expression, because the voice of smoking can cover up the sigh of a man.