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Why do most men like smoking

Smoking addiction is not so much a physical cause as a psychological one. There is no clear scientific answer to this question. But a fundamental reason, I'm afraid, is that nicotine in tobacco has two distinct special effects: stimulating and calming. Dr. herrich, director of the centre for smoking and health research of the German branch of the British tobacco company, said: "smoking may bring some benefits to people. The fragrance in tobacco products can bring people pleasure may be an explanation; more importantly, the nicotine in tobacco has a beneficial side to the human brain. Smoking can eliminate fatigue, increase attention and regulate people's mood, which is the main cause of smoking The answer of cigarette lovers is not as rigorous as experts, but it seems to be more convincing. Here are a few: first, smoking can regulate people's mood. Smoking is a way to solve problems. Life is full of ups and downs, it is inevitable that there will be difficulties. When you feel embarrassed and think of a way to deal with it, or when you have an unpleasant feeling, smoking can solve the problem. Common some people when suffering, love to hide in the side of smoke, emotional excitement, will continue to smoke fiercely. Some people think that smoking can make people think about themselves in the smoke and find various ways to save themselves, so that the mood will gradually open. Smoking to get rid of loneliness. People often have a feeling of loneliness, taking a long-distance bus, waiting for a bus, waiting for others, especially when alone, will feel empty in the heart. And smoking a cigarette, looking at the gradually drifting smoke, the heart suddenly feel enriched a lot, as if there is a bosom friend around to accompany. Smoke to relieve tension. When it is time to fall asleep, but can not calm the excited mood, smoking a cigarette, will make the mood gradually calm down, fall asleep peacefully. When you are nervous or excited, or even jump as high as thunder, smoking a cigarette will reduce the tension. Many people always like to light a cigarette when they are anxious, which can act as a "tranquilizer". So some people don't usually smoke, just order one when they are upset. When you're happy. Smoking is very comfortable and I feel good about myself. When encountering happy things or good friends get together, smoking cigarettes will make people feel more relaxed and cheering. Smoking during leisure time. In most cases, smoking is a form of rest. Smoking is always different from maintaining survival, working hard and accomplishing great cause. Smoking gains a little time, and it is also a little leisure under such a tense situation. It is very beneficial for people to convince themselves that what is in front of them is still manageable. Although sometimes people use smoking to think deeply and even make important decisions, most of the time they get physical and mental relaxation. Second, habits. Smoking is like a life partner. Smokers often take out cigarettes and light them unconsciously. Third, smoking to enjoy the flavor. Because of the smell and good taste of tobacco, smokers can enjoy this delicious food. Fourth, smoking for inspiration. Mark Twain said: almost all writers are addicts. The artists and writers who have been in love with Yan for a lifetime are as bright as stars. They inspire inspiration from the misty smoke of nothingness and create pieces of art treasures and works handed down from generation to generation. Fifth, conformity. Under the influence of colleagues and partners, imitate their behavior. Some people think that smokers are more gregarious and less eccentric. Sixth, smoking is social intercourse. When we meet for the first time and show respect and politeness to others, we may shorten the distance between our hearts. Seventh, smoking to show off. Some people smoke in order to show themselves in front of others. Take out a box of beautifully decorated high-end cigarettes, take out a delicate lighter, and light the cigarette with a bang, make a proud attitude with famous brand cigarettes in its mouth, and make yourself happy. Or throw a "Yuxi" or "Zhonghua" to others casually, and the "giver" feels infinite satisfaction for his "generous" appearance. In tobacco consumption, conspicuous consumption plays an important role. Smoking famous brand cigarettes contains all kinds of hints, which is the expression of economic strength, social status and mental state. In the regions that are the first to open up and become rich, people generally smoke cigarettes of foreign brands. Those who are not professionals or have deep knowledge in this field can not even tell what is good about these cigarettes.