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Why do people smoke?

Occasionally I see this problem, let me this "old smoker" into meditation (confused circle). Don't mention that, after smoking for more than ten years, lighting a cigarette seems to have become a habit. It's a subconscious action without thinking. What's the reason for smoking? If you have to say a reason, maybe it is "Because I want to smoke"? However, just as there are 1000 Nicholas Zhao Si in the eyes of a thousand people, not all of them are heavy smokers who "can't light cigarettes but have brains". For example, some people will say "cigarettes can relieve fatigue and refresh", "smoking can relieve tension", others will say "the need to make friends and integrate into social circles", etc. In any case, in addition to starvation can not be cured, cigarettes seem to become omnipotent "golden oil.". So what's the matter with cigarettes? Is there an ultimate answer to "why do people smoke?"? Although he always called himself a "heavy smoker", he was not a born smoker. He even used to be a little environmental guard. He once united with his family to protest against his father's smoking. I still remember when I was a child, I used to light firecrackers with my cigarette end, and I took the opportunity to take two mouthfuls: choking, sniveling and tears streaming - what's so good about this thing? But as I grew up, especially after puberty, I fell into the "cigarette" pit unconsciously. As for the reason why they started to learn to smoke, old smokers of the same age must be familiar with the following scenes: "It's nice to watch adults smoking, I'd like to have a taste of it." "the TV star's smoking posture is really cool.". "When I encounter difficulties, I don't know how to solve them. When you are worried, you can smoke a cigarette end. Isn't that what you do on TV? Can smoking solve your troubles In addition, smoking on the road naturally can not do without the influence of small partners. "Everybody's smoking, and they're fine with it, isn't it? We are all good friends. Try and try. " In fact, many people start smoking from adolescence. The reason why they are concentrated in this period is mainly related to the psychological characteristics of this stage. Adolescent young people are curious and rebellious, especially hope to prove their maturity by imitating the behavior of adults. As a result, adults and smoking images in movies and TV have become the imitative objects of young people. In addition, in addition to the influence of the surrounding environment, the lack of education on the knowledge of "smoking is harmful to health" and the wrong understanding of cigarette addiction are also important reasons for many adolescent young people to start smoking. A combination of various reasons makes many young people slowly become addicted to smoking.